If you are a CC3 user, I need your input. If you've tried CC3 or CC2 Pro and couldn't make headway with it, I need your input, too.

This mission I've accepted from the folks at Profantasy is to create documentation for CC3 that informs and enhances a user's experience. The Essentials Guide that comes with the software is just a bare minimum to get folks started. My question to you all is, what did you want to know after the Essentials Guide?

Some of the topics I've gotten so far are
1) How to scale maps-- pulling a section out of a world map and creating regional maps
2) More details on the Effects
3) More details on how to work with a CAD program
4) More details on using Editing tools
5) Creating macros to perform mapping functions, such as hiding/showing sheets and changing views
6) Creating custom drawing tools
7) Creating symbols using your art

What roadblocks did you encounter trying to create your maps that a better explanation/tutorial would have resolved for you?