'Ello, NeonRed, or even just Red. Most people call me that.

I've only really done one big map for a D&D campaign I was in. The DM gave us a packet the first day which had this little MS Paint map of the world we were playing in. Pretty much just color splotches with blue in the background. I then asked the DM for his help in making it bigger. After it was finished, one of our players who works at WalMart had a large posters version printed up, and I loved how it came out.

The interesting part is that in the campaign there was a group called the Cartographers' Guild (heehee) whose symbol was that of a fox. So, in the bottom right corner of the map I added a stylized fox head, making it look like an authentic "Cartographers' Guild" map.

Looking back at it, there are many changes I'd make to said map, and I am actually being somewhat commissioned by another friend and his brother to bring their world to digital life. I have so much to learn, and so much fun to have along the way. I am going to school, my major is in Graphic Arts, focusing on the printing aspects of the field, but I am somewhat self taught. Emphasis on the 'somewhat'. Mostly just me tooling around with CS2 then Gimpshop, Inkscape and now CS5 for a bit.

Personal life, I have my first kid on the way. I am due in late May, early June. The husband and I are both scared and excited. Not exactly sure how often I'll be able to be on the forum, but it caught my eye and intrigued me so I could not help but join and check it out.

Sorry, I talk too much.