Hello there Cartographers.

My name is BOB and I have run a D&D game for many years.


I have been successful at having a game run for the last 17+ years and I have been lucky to have many excellent players through the years.

Of course along the way I have accumulated a lot of maps in various forms and now I am trying to make a concerted effort to put together a full world view set of maps. I have been working for the last few months with artists over on www.elance.com to commission specific maps and now am starting to look for other options for hiring people who have more talent in art than I do (about 90% of the population I would guess ). I have collected some pre-published world maps from Forgotten Realms and merged those with my own world design. Future postings will include details on the areas I want to map and the various styles for each.

I am also recruiting/auditioning for new players to add this year to the campaign. We play on Friday nights 7-11 EST (GMT +5 I think) and the contact information is also on the site.

I run my campaign through a VT program called Klooge (www.kloogeinc.com) and need any and all maps to be usable both on my site for my players to see and to import into the program for game play. I do not want grid markings and few labels on the maps to make them more "realistic" to use during game play (no counting 4 squares away so they are within range, you will have to guess or use the internal measuring tool).

Any maps I do commission will be for my personal game use only and will not be used commercially. The creator retains all rights to their work except for giving me non-commercial use of it.

Good to find this resource, I look forward to expanding my selections of maps soon.