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Thread: March 2011 OneRoll

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    Default March 2011 OneRoll/ EAT EM BEAT EM

    Heh so I don't know if I even want to enter this but i would love to try the project. Of course I'm lazy and always look for the easy way out so I thought of a board game that only has one roll.

    Its kind of sadistic but... in a nut shell you would have your Medieval prisoner, and lets say he lives in some kind of civilization that believes heavy in Luck or Divine intervention. Out comes the board game -- instead of all that messy fair trial and jury nonsense they let him roll the dice ( Of fate? ) and the god will reveal the truth*

    So I did a fast little sketch up before I turn in

    Click image for larger version. 

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    LOL, now see, that looks like a 6 sided die, shouldn't it be a 4? Nice sketch man.
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    Maybe the other two rolls would be like multipliers of whatever roll you make next. Say if you rolled a 5 or 6, it doubles your next roll. So then if you rolled 'Torture' it would be twice as bad. Or something.

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    sounds like an interesting game - if you're not the roller that is
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    haha yes, I'll have to come up with something clever to reason the 6 sided dice XD

    I'll just honestly hate 4 sided dice for some reason. Never really felt like rolling a real die, more like some pointy rocks and every time feels like you should have shaken them more :/

    Diamond had a good idea, although it sounds even more twisted haha

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    That's because 4-siders are dangerous if stepped or sat upon. Also, they don't really roll, do they? Just sort of thud onto the table. And none of mine seem to know that there's a "3" or a "4" on them. That's why I'm glad that Paizo took all of its hit dice from d4 to d6 in PFRPG. Used to hate playing Wizards but no more!

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    hahaha thank you for understanding me XD and yeah there like friggin caltrops

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    Very Cool Idea
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    Try stepping on leggo...

    This reminds me of a session from way back in highschool. A trial by the Temple of the Goddess of Luck. Everyplayer had to draw a card from.... The Deck of Many Things...

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