Hello all. I've recently purchased and installed CC3, DD3, CD3, and SS2. Before that, I used to have CC2 Pro, which is still installed. I am hoping to learn from any CC3 gurus here about my issues with the software I am having. And to ask for tips.

To begin, I started a new map, chose DD3 Dungeon, map is 1000 x 800, and grid is 50. I run Windows Vista.

Now, I watched the tutorials, all of them, for Dungeon Building. But there are some things I know I am doing right but it is refusing to work for me.

First I began drawing my wall, a black tile marble wall. I'm doing good so far, and the quality is good. I wanted to draw an arc with the same type of wall. However, when I click on Arc, it switches my Fill Style. In addition to that, when I click on Fill Style to change it back to Black Marble Tile, the quality is horrible. When I accept the switch, my original, high-quality wall suddenly drops in resolution. To make matters worse, any other Bitmap I choose as new floors or tiles refuse to stay in high quality. Some reduce significantly, others automatically tile themselves.

My question is, how do I make sure an image doesn't tile itself? I'll try and get image samples soon, so you can see what I mean.

Another problem I have is this: The only way I can get the high quality bitmap of, say, a Marble Black Floor from SS2B is by starting a new dungeon using SS2B draw tools. If I try to get anything else, the quality drops. Why is that? I've tried, with my current DD3 Dungeon style, to use a high quality bitmap Marble Black Floor from SS2B folder, but the image quality is gone!

This software has made me frustrated all day as it simply does not do what I want it to do. I am thinking CC2Pro might be the culprit and I plan on uninstalling that and reinstalling all the CC3 software.

One final question, how exactly do I just have a list of ALL the symbols I own, in their high quality form, so I can use them whenever I use a DD3 template?

Thanks to any that can help. This program has been giving me a headache all day!