Hello. My name is Dave McAlister and I run UK Role Players. I was pointed in the direction of this forum by ravells at a very fortuitous time as I'm about to start planning the next campaign I'm going to run and, with that, of course, maps.

My plan is to use Fractal Mapper 8 for the external maps and Dundjinni for the internal maps. My planned campaign is set in the Caribbean during the Age of Piracy so the biggest map will be of the Caribbean itself. For this, I've got a image that I'm going to put into FM8 as a background and then, using the tablet and pen that I'm getting for my birthday at the end of the month , will re-draw it all (the reason for doing this is that the image I've got as too much detail for my liking so I'd like a simplified version).

Aside from simple maps in Dundjinni I have no experience of map making so this will be a learning curve for me