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Thread: Bidmaron aka Dale aka Charles here

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    Post Bidmaron aka Dale aka Charles here

    Hello. Been on the CC2/3 list a long time and have owned CC2 since 2001. I've upgraded to CC3 and all. Some (few) may remember me as I was leading a team working on world design from an original hand-drawn map imported into FT Pro and then ultimately taken to CC3 and 3d terrain software. Unfortunately, we ran into debilitating shortfalls in the existing version of FT Pro. We got pretty far, though (if you're curious, see ). The other project I'm part-way through is converting Celestia and Astrosynthesis universes back and forth between each other.

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    Welcome to The Guild, Dale! Glad to see more CC3 people from the list making it over here.
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    Welcome to our little corner.
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    Welcome -- You've found your way to a wonderful place. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I have.

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    Hi, Dale. Welcome!
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