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Thread: Hello all!

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    Post Hello all!

    Hi everybody,

    Since i just registered i'll take a moment to introduce myself.
    I've been playing role-playing games for quite some time now, both online (on living EN world) and offline.
    I registered to this site because me and one of my roleplay groups have decided to start building a campaign world. I have been chosen to become the campaign cartographer. I hope to learn much from everybody here.
    Csince I have practicly no experience in cartographing and just a few photoshop skills yo'can expect a lot of newbie question coming from my direction.

    See you around!


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    Welcome. DOn;t feel bad about asking Newbie Questions, we were all newbies at one time.
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    Welcome to the guild B4cchus - There are experts here for pretty much any application you wish to use - photoshop is a great one for making maps. Don't forget that you can pretty much use all the Gimp tutorials posted here with photoshop.

    All the best


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    Indeed. Welcome to the guild! Ravs gives great advice and I'm sure any question you have can get answered by someone so don't be afraid to ask away.
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    Welcome, welcome to our B4cchannalia of maps! (sorry, really bad use of your screen name!) Make sure to post those maps and ask anything--even just a "whattayathink?" We're glad to help!
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    Will do!

    Right now i'm still sketching a lot on just paper.
    Trying to get the general layout of continents and the general layout of the continental plates. As soon as I have something digital i'll start posting your eyes out!

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