Hi all,

While I'm new to this site I've been fascinated by fantasy mapping for as long as I can remember!

I try to use different media to create maps but my favourites have to be pen & paper and PS and a Wacom tablet.

Little something about me: when I was 19 I started drawing a map on a sheet of A4 paper, I loved it but wanted to know what was beyond the island I'd drawn so I got another couple of pieces and another, and another, until I had a fully coloured pencil, pen and crayon (I didn't have PS at this time and am horrible at painting!) map of a whole world (a very square world ) which was taller than me and hung from my wall while I worked on it! Unfortunately, when we moved house it got trashed and had to go in the bin

I also have pretty big confidence issues so be patient with me if I put my work down a lot!

Thanks for having me folks!