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    I was reading one of the other threads on here about the maps showing up unaccredited on other sites, and it got me thinking on a tangent - on the incredibly slim chance I actually finish the world I'm working on and it's worth it, what options are there for selling/publishing it? I assume none of the big game companies would want it; they most likely either work by direct commission or have their own in-house staff to build them.

    Offhand, that seems to leave smaller game companies, self-publishing, electronic downloads, and the like.

    While past performance is no guarantee of future success, I have a long history of not finishing projects. But I imagine there are quite a few folks here who are more focused and might be interested in publishing their work, if they know it's an option and have some pointers for how to do it.

    EDIT: Just realized the actual question of the thread is buried in the middle of the first paragraph.

    Here it is: What options are there for non-professional fantasy cartographers for selling or publishing their work?
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    Assuming I stick with fantasy cartography, I'd like to become a World Builder, laying out not only a realistic topography, but also the geopolitical boundaries and at least rough descriptions of the countries and societies.

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