Hi all,
Whats relevant about me? To PC mapping, I have been playing, on and off, DnD since the red-box basic edition and DMing since ADnD 1E. Since I started I have been creating worlds and drawing maps, whether used or not, whether I was currently gaming or not. I have used, up until now, maps hand-drawn using a black and white inky old fashioned looking (for the players) and copied and coloured for the DM with additional info.
So I have recently started being a part time professional geek so I am (back) into PCs (modding, gaming, overclocking) big style.
I have decided to move my mapping to the digital age with a new campaign setting for 4E. So I brought myself some ProFantasy software, installed it and just about fell over dead with fright. Man it looks like it is going to take until 4E is out before I figure the software out . So I am going to hang around here and see what I can learn.
Cheers all