I have long read and looked over this forum, it is a most wonderful place and holds host to many, many talented people. Now, I currently GM an online game that will shortly require a campaign map of the British Isles, so to speak. I request that the map is functional and is split into numerous regions or counties.

Here is a picture of my progress so far. It is my first map in photoshop so please, take it easy (!);

I have used a layer mask to split the ocean and the land-mass, allowing me to paint freely for the terrain. I do however have a problem that I just cannot solve. I need to split the English land up into smaller provinces that I can re-colour (flood opaque or inner glow lines) as the campaign progresses, according to the faction that holds that piece of terrain. Could anyone suggest a way to do this? Every attempt that I've tried is either ridiculously long-winded and difficult or just floods the entire map in one fill-colour.

Many thanks,

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