Greetings Guilders!

I'll soon be running a "large-scale" battle of sorts for the D&D group I game with. I want it to be pretty immersive, so I'm making a Castle/Keep at a 1" = 5' scale. The adventure I'm working with was nice enough to include a map of said castle, but some of the specifics of it have me boggled. Namely, Area 9. The flavor says that it's a portcullis that "swings shut" and is then locked into place. Personally, I've never heard of a portcullis that swung shut like a gate. Is that historically accurate, a "swinging" portcullis? Secondly, still focused on Area 9, were it a normal portcullis, shouldn't there be something like a gate tower builtup thats roughly trice the height of the portcullis, to account for the counterweights etc that keep it open/closed? As you can see, the battlement goes right overtop of the portcullis, instead of forming some kind of gate tower.

What are your opinions?

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Thanks in advance!