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    Info List of Mapping Software

    I've decided to formalize the discussion of software programs, and am starting this sticky thread. Please feel to reply with additions and corrections and I will keep updating the initial post. Eventually, this may become "The Big List of Mapping Software" or even "The Ultimate List of Mapping Software", but we all have to start somewhere

    Please help by adding on posts in the following format. The categories are suggestions, feel free to suggest new ones:

    Title: XYZ Software
    Vendor: XYZ Corp
    Web Site:
    Type: Raster/Vector/Tile Based
    Focus: General/Mapping/Fractal/3D
    Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux/Web Based
    Price: $USD
    Short description, usually from the vendor, though Wikipedia often has good summaries.
    Links to posts with sample maps using this program. Hopefully posted here, but off site links are OK too. These should be representative of the program's capability. If anyone comes up with better examples, suggest away!

    I'm starting by seeding this list with a few, but hope the community will pitch in and do the heavy lifting by adding/correcting. I'll move additions and changes into the list and delete your post unless you indicate Do Not Delete in your post. I'm trying to keep reviews and editorials out of this (at this point at any rate...) Initially, this list will be alphabetical.
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