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Thread: Free city map tiles for Wayfinder #4

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    Default Free city map tiles for Wayfinder #4

    I created some free city tiles for Wayfinder #4. Here they are:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fortress.jpg 
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Name:	University.jpg 
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Name:	MillPond.jpg 
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Name:	ForeignQuarter.jpg 
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    Are tiles in this style useful? Would people want more of them? Is the necessary grid structure an issue that you'd be happy with. If not, how would you consider getting around it in a tile based structure? I'm mulling how to make this work, so I'd be interested in people's thoughts.

    These are free for use, and licensed CC-NC-BY-SA under a creative commons license, so please feel free to download them, play around and use them. It's really nice to be able to offer some free stuff again after so long. Enjoy!

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    Nice tiles Torstan,

    My advice to make them more "interchangeable" but not to have the grid pattern is to turn some buildings on an angle and also to not fill up the entire tile. That helps to make a bunch of square tiles work better together to create a varied output. The fewer parts that are built out to the corners will break up the pattern easily.

    The other idea is to make the square tiles free and sell rectangular ones. They could contain more buildings or just simply buildings that span the center to really break up the pattern of squares.

    Of course if they are interactive to change the color of the things you only need a couple dozen and you have a whole city!

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    Interesting idea - having rectangular tiles would also work well, and multicolours is a very sensible plan. But I still think that a lot of tiles would be needed for this to work.

    I was also wondering about hexagon tiles, or reducing the scale, so that it gives more of a sense of buildings than a literal description of them.

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    These are awesome Jon! A hex tile system is cool since it adds more variation to the configuration a town can have. I just think you would need to have a more developed or tighter framework in which they function together if that's where you wanna evolve this. Are you looking to be a regular contributor to Wayfinder with this project?
    Cheers, Julien

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    great stuff! your food-painting style shows in your maps as well now, looking great. cheers, DJ
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    I like it, I like it! But I think you'd get a more "chaotic" look if you tried hexes.....
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    These are really neat! I'm loving the style of these pieces and I would love to have a complete city/town tile set along this line (I'd pay money too).

    I agree with previous posters, angular settings for map buildings or map features would help make these feel even more "fluid" with one another. The grid system is nice, but by no means do we need to live only on the grid! There could be a grid with buildings and objects unparallel to it, and I think it would look just great.

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    looking great - and I'll admit, I thought hexes too to get that "chaotic" city look - but normal squares are easy to work with (also in print) and you could just break the lines up on the squares to get a more uneven look to the city. But great concept
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    Well, since folks are wanting both hexes and grids why not just make a grid and a hex overlay and keep the city tiles free of the clutter. By the way, these could be very useful and I dig it.
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