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Thread: PS: Imitation of old book drawings

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    Default PS: Imitation of old book drawings

    I've stumbled on a nice tutorial today. It's a quick way to imitate old book drawings. Quite useful if you want to make atmospheric player handouts.

    EDIT: the original link is dead, download timallen's PDF version instead, post #23
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    That is well groovy. Nice techniques there.

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    Great find...
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    Info Tutorial now linked in the "Tutorials in PDF Format" thread

    Hello, All.

    I am reposting this message after modifying how this tutorial is linked.

    I sent an email to forcg administration requesting permission to put up the PDF document I created of this tutorial. To date, I have not received a reply from them.

    Consequently, I have linked this tutorial directly from its source. It is now available in the Tutorials in PDF Format thread.

    You can find the link on Page 1, in the PHOTOSHOP-RELATED TUTORIALS section of Post 2.



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    I tried a very (very) quick test with a picture of a medieval house to see how it would turn out. Promising IMO

    Took about 45 sec.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I tried with a Google map too... funny.

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    I tried it as well, seems to work best on smallish images where the smart blur/surface blur works best at blurring the boundaries between colors so that the find edges filter doesn't produce a lot of extraneous lines.
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    unfortunately the color burn and motion blur effect does not work anymore (which is the thing that made this look intersting). Applying color burn blending mode to the pattern overlaid layers has no effect whatsoever.

    Instead you can apply what I call Ascencion's technique:
    • CTRL+click the original graphic for selection
    • apply filter noise /add noise... (Amount 400% monochromatic)
    • apply filter blur / motion blur

    proceed with the tutorial from the original source (step 9 I thinK)

    hope that helps
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