Hey cartographers! This is a really cool site, and I'm glad I found it because I may find exactly the person I'm looking for here!

I'm a member of a fan-based, nonprofit development team of the sequel to the 9th installment of the popular Might & Magic RPG series. Ubisoft, the current owners of the Might & Magic franchise, have stated that they will not be continuing the Might & Magic RPG series from where it left off in Might & Magic IX (The Writ of Fate), so a group of dedicated M&M fans have taken the project into their own fans.

If you're interested in some of the material we've developed so far-
-Here is our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Might-...34591446605146
-And here are the Might & Magic X forums: http://www.thegaminguniverse.org/for...hp?board=211.0

Time Constraints
None as of now! We are running on a very loose schedule, although I would expect that it wouldn't take longer than a few weeks for a busy cartographer to help us design our world map.

Style of Map
I have come here because I am in need of a skilled cartographer to help draft out and design our world map. I'm thinking of making the map in the style of the MM9 map of Chedian - Here is a quite large (1500 x 1157) version of MM9's map of Chedian: http://www.heroworld.net/artwork/map/mm9_Chedian.jpg. If you would like to have the freedom of designing it with your own artwork, we can definitely talk about doing that. I am completely open to a different style of map than in MM9's Chedian.

Description of Map
I'm not able to disclose our maps directly, but I will be happy to share our top secret maps with you through email or messenger, so you can help us design our world!

Contact Information
If anyone is interested in helping us out, please contact me on my email at MMXAlamar@gmail.com, or on MSN/Windows Live Messenger at Defender_of_VARN@hotmail.com.

Important Note: Even though you will not be paid for your artwork, we will make sure to feature your name and any affiliation in the finished game's credits.

Thank you very much!