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Thread: A couple of small maps for a campaign that I am starting

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    Map A couple of small maps for a campaign that I am starting

    Here are a couple of small towns/villages for a campaign that I am starting. The first is the town of Alben Bridge which will be the base for most of the campaign, and the second is a village that will be the starting point.

    Alben Bridge is on the border of Mirilandi and Gibeon, which normally have very good relations, but recently the king of Gibeon is being influenced by some other forces, and conflict is brewing. Alben Bridge is generally a rather quiet crossing, but will soon be an area that will be the focus of a growing conflict.

    Tolandon is the village where the PCs meet and are from (3 players) 2 live in the village and one is visiting. We have already started with some bandits attacking the village, and the PC's are already discovering that the bandits are from Gibeon. They are also hearing rumors of other attacks in the area. Things are starting to heat up...

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    These are both great...well laid-out and thought through all the way. Good job, man.
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