Hi Folks,

While I am not exactly a new member, I think I registered back in 2006, I have not exactly been present.
At least a couple of you may know me from Dundjinni, or even from my site. Even if you haven't, it is possible that some of my objects may have made their way into a few maps that you have seen, they tend to travel more than I do. Believe me it is always very cool to see them or read that someone had used them in their game. It is why I started the site in the first place.

So why am I back after so long, well believe it or not I do not create many maps. I love doing objects. So when I start populating a map I have a tough time grabbing that chest I did two years ago, instead I want to create a new chest, and a very detailed one of course. Take that and multiply it by the number of objects you would typically plop into a map and it makes enough work to last me long past the need for the map.

So it is my hope that I might find the answers here since this site has some of the most incredible maps that I have seen. Inspirational and definitely worthy of study. My goal would be to stop stepping piece to piece through a map and start looking at the map as a whole.

Thanks for this great resource.