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Thread: March 2011 Entry: Board Game: 'Viking Age'

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    Default March 2011 Entry: Board Game: 'Viking Age'


    I spotted this contest a week or so ago just as I was starting a new map design for the board game 'Castle Vox'. Vox has only been released for six months or so and Viking Age was released for play this very same day

    The board game Castle Vox is little bit like Risk and Axis & Allies (probably more like the latter) It's certainly all about strategy. Team play is also a feature of a lot of the maps, including Viking Age. Turns are made simultaneously and turn times are generally 16 - 24 hours online... or as long or short as you want at home.

    Anyway here is it. (This is a screen shot of it directly off the board game console at the beginning of a game)

    And here is another screenshot of it being played (for the first time) today... and with a full house, although we're only two rounds in so far. (I'm player 'Behemoth')

    i also designed the units that appear on the board - soldiers, cavalry and castles.

    And finally here are the finished files I made for the game. There's an overground and foreground map file here which you see combined. The colour of the regions is determined by the game settings but as this image came out of Photoshop I just laid in the colour shown so the foreground was visible (otherwise it's black)

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