Greetings. I need some advice.

I've started using FT Pro to create the world I've been imagining for years (D&D). Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and I shouldn't be using FT, but what I basically want is a DEM that I can project different ways, depending on my mood, and then export chunks wholesale to something like CC3. So far, so good, right? FT Pro does that stuff.

My problem is that I've already got most of my world created on old pieces of 8x11 notebook paper, a few old .bmp files, etc. And so I'm not generating a random world. In fact, I've based a lot of my world on Earth, and so I figured it'd be easy to load up one of the Earth binary files that comes with FT Pro, do some quick modifications (e.g., put an inland sea in North America, sink Brazil under the ocean, move Antarctica so it was off the east coast of Australia, etc.), and then I could do the fun stuff (exporting to CC3 and then making the maps themselves). Except... doing terrain modification in FT Pro is a pain. The paint brush seems to "miss" where I'm trying to paint (e.g., I try to use raise the seabed of the Adriatic so Italy's boot is part of the European mainland, and FT Pro puts a ridge to the east of the Adriatic), I can't simply "cut & paste" a continent to a new location, and when I try to raise/lower terrain, I get funky results (e.g., creating a new mountain chain invariably scoops out some basins where I don't want them).

So I tried using an Image Overlay and painting climatic zones to match my imagination, and then burning those zones to the map. Lousy results. Maybe because I was burning them to the original Earth map? So I exported the Overlay to png, then tried several different ways of importing the png back to a blank world. No luck, as FT Pro tells me that there's an error with my png file that I just exported.

I tell ya, it's enough to make me want to... go into CC3 and do it from scratch there. But I bought FT Pro and it has to have some use, right?

The question(s), then:

1) Am I missing something? Is there some easier way to modify existing (binary) worlds in FT Pro? The documentation that came with the software, and that I've downloaded from ProFantasy, is really lacking. But if I could figure out a way to reliably and accurately raise & lower terrain on an existing (binary) world, I would just do that.
2) Has anyone ever done mods to Earth in FT Pro? What's the best/easiest way to do it? I don't want to create my world from scratch--particularly because the nice thing about using Earth as a reference point is that I already know climate zones, biomes, distances, etc. But I'd be willing to create my world from scratch... if there was a decently-easy way to do it. Right now, from the problems I'm having simply editing an Earth dataset, I'm not sure starting from scratch would be all that much better.
3) Should I forget the pipe dream of having a DEM that I can reference & export whenever I need a new map? One of my main goals was to be able to easily re-export a map at a different scale, or orientation, or projection, if I felt like it. Having a set of maps in CC3 is fine and dandy, but what if I decide I want to visualize something that isn't in my current atlas? Then I end up making a new map from scratch.

Thanks for your feedback/advice.