Hey Everyone!

I'm putting together a website for a fictional product release as an April Fool's gag, and I could really use some help getting together some last few pieces to really knock this gag out of the park. I know this is very last minute (just two days till April 1st!) but my other avenues to get the maps I need fell through, so I'm hoping there might be someone here at the Cartographer's Guild who can help me out!

I'm looking for deckplans that emulate the original deckplan cards that came in the Spelljammer boxed set...basically maps for the interior layouts of the ships. I'll happily accept whatever I can get, but I had the idea of featuring one of the following:

1. Deckplans for the U.S.S. Enterprise. Yes...THAT Enterprise.

2. The TARDIS from Dr. Who -- you know, with deckplans that are bigger on the inside than on the exterior.

3. Deckplans for the interior of a Dalek.

4. A Canoe.

If anyone is able to help with this -- whether by providing one of the requested deckplans above or some other content -- I would be very thankful. Please e-mail me at: thesecretdm@gmail.com

Than you for reading this! I look forward to hearing from you!