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Thread: An atlas/politcal map (short deadline)..

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    Map An atlas/politcal map (short deadline)..

    Hallo Carto-Community,

    Commission: I am willing to pay 100€ for the map, payment by Western Union. (PM with E-Mail for further discussion concerning payments)

    Deadline: The Map needs to be finished sometime between the 21. april and 30. april 2011.

    Style: I am looking for a atlas styled political map, something along the line as the Torentine Empire map made by Aeara2.

    Description: Its a nation i need a political map for, it has to show the borders to neighboring nations, provinces, capital, larger cities, provincial capitals, major airports and habours, important military installations etc (all names will be provided), there will be a great deal of creative freedom for the designer, but more of this later. I have attached a small scale overview of the nation called BANI A'QRAB UNION, to give a idea for designer. Map scale, i want it in kilometers, and size can be discussed for whats most suitable. Other details or information, just post or PM me, and i will provide it. I am very open to ideas and suggestions.

    Quality: Its required to be printed for 50*70 cm and the smaller A3 (29*40 cm).

    Copyrights: Open for suggestions which can be accepted, not a high priority.

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    Its been taken, by me.. After looking over this awesome forum during the weekend and finding lots of excellent tutorials and free tools such as GIMP and INKSCAPE... Then i will give it a go myself, then i can always reopen the request one day, when i find out how much i suck at it, or maybe be proud and have a descent result i would be happy with..

    Looking forward to showing some of my WIP later on for advise and critisicm :-)


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    Excellent! We love it when people take the plunge and decide to do the maps themselves! I'll mark this as taken. I'm sure you'll receive lots of helpful advice on the WIP thread. I think you should pay your map maker at least 500 Euros for the job

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