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    City Engine ('CE') is a powerful procedural city generator. It makes 3 dimensional cities according to rules that you give it. It has a high level of 'editability' meaning that if you don't like something that has been generated it is possible to tweak it to your own specifications (or indeed draw it from scratch). Generally you will make and texture your city models in CE and then export the result to a 3d graphics program to render it, tweak materials etc.

    This thread are my baby steps using CE.

    In the first image I have auto generated a street network. Lot of sliders that you can play with here such as street lengths, how you want the streets to split, how straight or curvy you want them to be etc. You will see that where an area is enclosed by streets, CE generates Lots, those are foot prints on which you 'grow' your buildings. There are commands you can give to make the lots bigger or smaller, or forbid building on a lot or number of lots or you can paint them in yourself.

    The second image is a look at the programming language to make houses, you can either do this by writing code in the traditional way or use a node based interface (which is easier for me). Here I have set two variables (called attributes in CE) of height min and height max. This very simple code extrudes buildings from the lots to a random height between height min and height max. Again, the user can go to any particular lot and set the height manually if required.

    The last image shows the buildings generated from this very simple code. CE allows you to import your own building objects either to place as is, or as elements to which you add code to add bits onto..but I haven't got to that bit yet!

    More later,

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