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Thread: Interactive Map of the Wars of Mankind

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    Default Interactive Map of the Wars of Mankind

    Conflict History has a wonderful google interactive map that depicts all of the wars that have happened throughout history. It is both a great example of the power of interactive maps and a wonderful history lesson at the same time.

    Check it out:

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    Hmm. It's interesting.

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    Neat find...thx for posting.
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    I have seen this posted a couple of places and was disappointed. All the conflicts I could find related to Euro-Centric conflict. True there are a couple of historical Chinese entries but none of the Indian subcontinent or South and North America is represented that I could find.

    I was hoping for a resource to pin point battles by the Aztecs on fellow tribes and others like that and it just seems lacking.

    Very cool to have for what it does do though.

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