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Thread: google earth map icons

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    Question google earth map icons

    I am looking for icons for Google earth maps that would look cooler than the standard icons. Up to this point I have just dl'ed individual grafix
    any suggestions

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    That's really a question of style. Google just uses a faux-3d dot for their city icons and if you want to use something cooler then the sky's the limit. You can look through our subforum of Mapping Elements or do some internet searches for Map Icons or Map Clipart.
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    The basic icons are lackluster. I used to have quite a collection of custom ones but during one of the updates a few years ago they all broke and putting them back in was too much of a pain to deal with. (The fact that icons aren't centered on the object, but float right above the point, also made many of mine look rather silly.)

    I'd suggest looking for large collections as these often have custom icons that are automatically imported in.

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