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Thread: Torchio - Comission

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    Default Torchio - Comission

    Finished up this map. The author was very pleased with it....except I typo'd the map name Fixed Now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Created in: Inkscape

    This is a map of a world that is one of three (the other two are still to come) remaining after a giant cataclysm. It follows the old story of heaven and hell. The author wanted "an old fashioned style map showing the world in two circles". I created a few fractal worlds using the Gimp FelImage noise plugin and ran them through Huggin to get hemispherical projections. I then took these into Inkscape and thresholded them. I picked the one that I liked best and marked it up quickly, getting the go-ahead from the author.

    Everything else was drawn in Inkscape. I used the pattern on path path effect a lot, and sprayed down most areas using the spray tool in clone mode. The top circle of the map depicts the floating realm of angels, and the bottom is the realm of the devils. I kept hitting the performance wall in Inkscape, so I kept exporting out my work to a png, then creating a new Inkscape file and drawing over the raster work. I had separate files for the background shapes, the sea and land contours, the mountains, the forests, Angelus, the Caves, then lastly all the icons and labeling that composited all the png exports. This worked better than I had expected, because the linked imaged in inkscape update automatically when the source file on disk changes, so if I needed to modify the forest, I could open that file, make the changes and export it, and the new export automatically appeared in my composite.

    WIP was here:

    -Rob A>

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    Beautifully done I really like the execution of this one.


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    Nice, RobA - have some REP!
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    Brilliant. Even more so that you did it in inkscape!
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    Very nice!
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    Great stuff Rob!
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