Hello fellow cartographers,

I am after a fairly specific little program to help me with some world-building.

The long and the short of it is this; I need an automatic heraldic shield generator. I will have a body of preset symbols, icons and colour schemes, each of which will represent a province, an army, a legion, a regiment, and a company.

For example, "Province A" might have a red and orange shield background, Army 1 might be represented by an eagle rampant facing left, Legion 1 of Army 1 might have a warthog rampant facing right. A symbol will appear in the top right hand to represent the regiment, and another one in the top left to represent the company. Additional options may be that if a particular regiment is assigned to the City Guard, then a crown will appear above the two rampant animals.

By selecting which one of each, the program will automatically spit out what their shield would look like.

Is this doable at all with any great degree of difficulty?

If someone is able to provide me with a proof of concept, I will be more than happy to negotiate a fee for a fully-fledged workable tool. This would save me many headaches.