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    Wip Please give your honest opinion

    My 2 sisters says this map looks kind of like modern earth do you agree with them? any other comments or ideas are also welcomed.
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    I don't agree with them.


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    The continents are laid out vaguely similar, but I'd have to say it's got more in common with a future Earth after many millions of years of continental drift. The Atlantic Ocean is only a sea, the Americas have merged, half of Africa has broken free and Siberia is underwater.

    I like it. I can't agree with your sisters, though.

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    I can see where they would think that. It's close but different enough to be interesting.
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    Is it similar? Yes. See the example below:
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    Is that a bad thing? No. As mentioned above, maybe it is Earth, and Alternate earth a few million years in the past, as can be seen in this link:

    Again, nothing wrong with a fantasy map looking reminiscent of our World. Afterall, the world of Hyborea (Conan the Barbarian's World) sure looks an awful lot like Africa/Middle East/Inda all smooshed together to me.
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    A simple solution would be to flip the map horizontally. I always find myself doodling things with similar land-mass placement to earth, just because it looks right. I always remedy it by just flipping the map horizontally or rotating it 180 degrees.

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    thanks for your replies i think i will keep this map and finish it.

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    I'm in agreement, definite similarities but it doesn't really look like earth - to step further away you could move "india" or like RE suggested, flip some elements or the whole map ... nice work
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    Ok. So I choose the earth-look-a-like side.
    The first time I saw your map, I thought It was an alternate earth map with accelerated continental drift :p

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