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Thread: Tatsuyama - 龍山 - Empire of the Dragon Mountain - A Map for Minecraft (WIP)

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    Wip Tatsuyama - 龍山 - Empire of the Dragon Mountain - A Map for Minecraft (WIP)

    Update 24/06/11:

    V1.0 of the Map now complete and downloadable at


    Updated post with latest progress and planetminecraft link (11/06)

    Several schematics of elements of the map are downloadable from the links shown below, and I WILL be releasing the full map to download once I am happy with it. I'll look to update this post with the latest work in progress and screenshots as I approach completion.

    The Project:

    This is by far biggest project in minecraft so far. Tatsuyama, the Empire of the Dragon Mountain is a fully detailed Feudal Asian (Japanese/Chinese) RPG Style map which currently stretches over more than 1100x1200 blocks with many several districts and many unique features you will not have seen before.
    Tatsuyama, (龍山) means "Dragon Mountain" in Japanese, and felt the most authentic after searching around for a few appropriate names in Google translate.

    The texture pack used for all the shots, Woocraft, is my own 128x128 pack Asian flavored pack and is linked below.

    Latest Status:

    A full thread detailing the status of the project since I first started is here:;topicseen#new

    Overall Status (80% Complete)
    Time Spent so far: Around 270 hours
    Date Started: 5 April 2011

    - Find appropriate map seed - Complete (using "torey0")
    - Custom Texture Pack 100% Complete - See;topicseen#new
    - Town Centre Design 70% Complete
    - Town planning and layout 85% Complete
    - City walls and towers 80% complete
    - City Gates 4 of 5 complete See
    - Basic terraforming 95% complete
    - Main Palace 50% complete Main Palace exterior complete, Summer Place to complete.
    - Temples and Pagodas 75% complete
    - Residential Districts 70% complete
    - Fishing Village 80% complete - might add one more building.
    - Commercial District 95% complete
    - Docks, including at least 2 Asian ships 50% complete
    - Ruins of an ancient culture (Angkor Wat) 100% complete See
    - Gardens 25% complete
    - Farms 100% complete
    - Bridges 100% complete
    - Theatre 100% complete Download here:
    - Mausoleum Not started
    - Minecart system Not started

    The final map will also include my Angkor Wat project, already downloadable here:
    Additional Details
    The project has involved heavy use of World Edit, MC Edit and even some Binvox for the Buddha and Dragon (although I did create the Dragon myself in the 3d program Blender), and I'm proud of it. I wouldn't be playing this game at all if it was just Vanilla.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Aged Map v1.png 
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Name:	Castle View 2.jpg 
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Name:	Tatsuyama Presentation Pic no text.png 
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Name:	Boat and Bridge.jpg 
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