*** April 2011 Challenge - Aquatic Civilization ***

We have little time for a challenge this month, all of the community leaders having been distracted by shiny baubles and other things. While I urge participants to "keep it simple" so that they can complete in time, I know it can be difficult to express some ideas in a short time. Typically, the less time is available for the contest, the greater the advantage to the best idea rather than the best technique. So if you've been afraid to get your feet wet, mixing it up with the others in the main challenge, then this is probably a great month to start. The others may have an advantage in workflow and implementation, but your ideas are as good as anyone's, so get to it!

This month's theme is an "Aquatic Civilization". The scope of that civilization is up to you, but the rule-that-shall-not-be-broken this month is that the civilization must be of the underwater-aquatic variety rather than just island-dwelling or coastal. Think of this as decorating a fish tank... on steroids.

Slightly off-topic: if you Google "Bikini Bottom", you might get more than you bargained for.

So whether you chose to map the lost city of Atlantis, the home of The Little Mermaid or the Land of the Soggy Zombies, there area few differences to consider when mapping underwater:

  • It helps to suggest that the area mapped is underwater somehow, or the point may be missed.
  • There are no rivers under water, although there may be currents, channels and trenches that are reminiscent of them.
  • Walls are less useful in an environment where most inhabitants can swim over them.
  • Roads are possible, but swimmers would be more apt to use guide markers instead.
  • Structures far too delicate to survive the rigors of topside are possible in the deep.

Something else to consider: is your civilization one that was built from the ground up in this environment, or is it a "drowned land", one that was built above water but then suffered some catastrophe?

Whatever it's origins, all factors should influence the look and feel of your underwater environment.

As always, good luck to all of you, and don't be afraid to jump in and get your feet wet!

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