I am currently writing a dungeons and dragons campaign which I would like mapped to request. This isn't an add as of yet, more a query as I am unsure of the enterprise and am just looking at it as an option.

From what I can see, some people do do "dungeon maps" as well as traditional cartography maps. By which I mean squared maps for game play purposes. I would be looking for someone to make roughly 30 maps at A4 ((210 × 297 mmin size), with some A3 ones thrown in as well. But they don't all need to be done by the same person.

A few questions I have are, how much can you expect to pay per map on a commission, most of the comissions are negotiated via email so I can't tell much. Secondly, are there people on here who do comissions for RPG maps?

For anyone who I have managed to completely lose: here is an example of the dungeon tiles of which is the type of map I am after.

I would make them myself on the dozens of programs that exist out there, but I am going to need a heavy amount of towns and villages, and have found that these programs often struggle to do game scale rooftop images.

Thanks Cute-Hydra