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    Default Hubble ultra deep field

    I don't recall seeing this here but it's interesting and while it isn't exactly a map it certainly got me to thinking more about space maps. If you do any space maps you might enjoy watching this vid.

    Hubble Ultra deep field
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    Great find Jax!
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    Thanks for sharing that Jax, astronomy is such a perception-boggleing field, I love everything to do with it.

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    When I first saw the Deep space field years ago, that blew me away more than anything I'd seen before. To think how many galaxies are stuffed into the tiny black gaps between the other galaxies. Just blows ones mind.

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    Excellent find Very thought provoking. What was it, ten-thousand galaxies or thereabouts, all detected within the area of a grain of sand held at arm's length?

    Billions upon billions of galaxies, comprising of billions of stars themselves. What a mind-f&%$.


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