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    Default Looking For Gimp Tutorial

    I am tryiing to find this old link which used to be on the openrpg forums. Its not there anymore but it was a step by step tutorial on creating a dungeon floor tile using Gimp. It had the image in the thread for each step from beginning to the end. Does anyone recall that link / thread or can they advise a similiar tutorial? I have been looking through the forums and cant seem to find it.

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    "Dungeon floor tile" - doesn't ring any bells with me. Creating a Dungeon, yes, but not as tiles. Maybe one of the more old timer Gimpers can help Perhaps I'm confused by the use of the word 'tile'? We are just wrapping up our Lite Challenge to create a Dungeon tile but it wasn't one that was to be repeated to fill up an entire floor plan. Actually, I guess you could but it would make a weird dungeon...

    Maybe if you explain explain what you want to create we can help you better? Just in case nobody can find the tutorial you are looking for.
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    I may not have phrased it correctly. I am trying to find a step by step guide I had a link for Gimp to create a dungeon map. My PC crashed and lost all of my links. Tks!

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    Is this the one you're looking for?

    It seems to fit your description. I'd love to play more in Gimp myself but not until I get a better ergonomic chair. My current chair is killing me, but I have a nice one being delivered soon (can't wait!). I just don't have the back for graphics work anymore. *Sob*

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    Or possibly it's this one:
    It's a five page PDF file, "Gimp Dungeon Floor Plans"

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