Hello all. I have a question about CC3's Bitmap Fill Style function.

Ok, when I choose a Bitmap Fill Style, or customize my own, to use as walls or floors or whatever, I sometimes want to decrease or increase the size of the Bitmap Fill without distorting it. However, everytime I try to scale it, it either distorts or it will Tile itself really small.

How exactly do I go about scaling it properly? The funny thing is, I've managed to accidentally get it done twice, but both times I can't remember how I arrived at that process and I am getting frustrated on trying to figure out how to do it again!

For example, I used a Flagstone floor. But I wanted the floor image to shrink in size, so that the flagstone doesn't look abormally large for the size of the map. But I keep bumping into distortion, scaling, and tiling problems and then, after a half hour of trial and error, I managed to do it but don't even know how I did it. And now I can't do it again...it's frustrating! Help!