Well I have only a few short weeks until next game... About a dozen ecnounters and matching battlemaps to flesh out. A Castle and surrounds to map. Plus story and other non-combat stuff to design. Including coming up with a map for another town.

So time is at a premium!

I have a picture in my mind of the town so I figured I'd tackle that first.

A smallish town surrounded by a palisade, with about 750-1,000 souls inside it. The town is near a coast road (roughly east<->west coast) on a roughly north<->south small river.

Nearby there's a keep/castle.

Should be easy, huh?

And of course I previously lifted coffeefery's D&D Campaign Town Map: Wintervale map and that's the style I'd love to keep for my village/town/city maps in this region.

As a Gimp user I'd love to use that but I'm a town mapping neophyte. I see only Photoshop tutes on this subject. And I'm not up to the learning curve. Not in this timeframe with this much to finish.

I've done several hours of homework on this on here and the interwebs in general... With minimal luck.

Before I burn any more time I thought it might be a good idea to ask for some pointers!