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Thread: *** April/May 2011 Lite Challenge *** - My Home is My Castle

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    Default *** April/May 2011 Lite Challenge *** - My Home is My Castle

    This month the challenge is to map a fort or castle. Any fort or castle of your choice is valid, be it a dwarven holdfast, elven tower, cyberpunk firewalled network or alien bastion ship. As long as it's built for defence it's a legitimate subject.

    Whatever the fortification - the best defence is an strong attack - so get mapping and take the contest to your opponents!

    • To enter, start a new thread in this forum with the title "April/May 2011 Lite Challenge Entry - <name>"
    • Precede any entry with ### Latest WIP ### so that the thumbnail scraper can pick up the images.
    • The challenge will end on the 15th of May.

    This month, as with the previous month, the challenge is sponsored by Profantasy. The winner will get a silver compass, and $40 in store credit from the guys at Profantasy.

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