The Repubic of New Mozria: Map Request

Ok, so, I need someone to create a map of an island nation called New Mozria. If you make it, your help will be GREATLY appreciated, and I'll recommend you to others if anyone asks about the map. Anyways, I want the map to have cities, provincial capitals, and the national capital. I also want the map to have elevation/altitude. I want there to be certain symbols for cities with less than 250,000 people, 250,000 to 1,000,000 people, over 1,000,000 people, provincial capitals, and the national capital. There will need to be a key/legend for all of this, of course. A scale would also help. If you want a link to the type of map I want, go here: As you already know, New Mozria is a big island nation. It has much smaller islands surrounding it. You can be creative with the cities. However, the national capital needs to be Dornesky, and there are 11 provinces: Dupreshnik, Ushank, Coriza, Lo Horong, Kizakwa, Fazulivich, Duzoka, Biruusk, Okreza, Propivetsk, and Kongeria. Please let me know on this thread if you will make the map. If there are any further questions about what to put on the map, refer to the link. Thank you!!!