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Thread: Maps of Kootai/Miktai

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    Map Maps of Kootai/Miktai

    I've seen some cool stuff on this site and I thought I'd share some of what I've done.

    These are maps from my conworld Eressness. I have several maps on the computer but I think the best ones I have are hand drawn. They're fairly large so I took a digital picture of them instead of scanning. I'm not done with them yet but I'm stuck for names.
    Both of these are enlarged versions of a small world map I drew awhile ago. By scanning the world map, I enlarged it and traced it of the computer. It keeps the shape consistant and is much easier than going by eye.
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    Post Scan them again...

    So, scan them again, if you please. I'd like to see the details in the map - it looks "good" but hard to tell from just digital photos.
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    I see these are obviously a major labor of love--and that comes through the creations. I'd imagine that's why these show the best of your work too (sometimes, at least for me, the fancy computer app maps end up feeling much colder and staler than the ones I had draw--blemishes and all!)

    Where do you see yourself going with these next? They are very simple geogrtaphical representations; do you desire to get more detailed, zoomes, stylistic?...

    (Oh yes, and make sure to intro yourself, as ravs said!)
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    I really like when people share their hand drawn maps, especially ones like this where you can see a lot of care and effort went into creating them.

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    I agree. While computer maps can have that same amount of labour of love in their creation, they don't show it as much as a pne-n-paper map. The computer part of it makes it impersonal, distant. While the somehow the pen, the paper, the coloring pencils. Together they capture the love, the devotion of the creator.

    Well done indeed.
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