In my campaign, the PCs are in an area which I think is best described as a township. IIRC, that's several smaller communities within close proximity that form a larger community. (Modern day Breitung Township, in Michigan, is an example).

At any rate, the township is occupied by hostile forces, and the PCs are using it as a base of operations. The village itself is actually really small, less than 150 folks. Other citizens of the township, those that are willing and able to fight, have congregated to Tor's Hold and formed a sort of "tent city" along the edges of the town.

Now, I'm not really requesting anyone to make me a map, as I am requesting help finding one that would be reasonably suitable. I just need a small map that looks reasonable for a population of 150 citizens, with enough "open space" that will allow for temprary housing for another 150-200 troops, plus training grounds. Something that would look like the kind of thing an army officer would be cool, but I'm really not picky.

So, I beseech you, fellow Guilders, anything you could throw me?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Also, I realize this isn't a mapmaking quest, more of a mapfinding one, but I thought this forum would best fit. If it's in the wrong place, feel free to move it to a more correct location. Thanks again.