Hi, again. I know I've been abscent for quite a while and coming back with something simmilar to an advertisement is kinda pathetic, but I need help.

I'm in the prosses of writing a sci-fi novel series that playes of on the alien world of Novusvita, in the (actual) trinary Algol solar system. Now, this is also the largest world building project I've ever undertaken. It basically consists of four parts: The novels, the encyclopaedia, the history book (is there a better word?) and the atlas.

It's the atlas I'm asking help with here.

I basically want to propperly map the world and many of its important places, but I also have to work on every other aspect of the project + I have school.

So, if you're a fairly good cartographer, willing to voluntarily help me map a world, please check out the project's forum/website >here< (I know, it's not much) and this thread >here<

Please ask any question you may have concerning my request.