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Thread: first try at matte painting (composite)

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    Post first try at matte painting (composite)

    Wow, it's really tough...Here's my first effort. Long, long way to go before I get half way decent at this.
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    OK, that is cool.

    Is this actual brush and paint painting or Computer painting?
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    Thanks....I can't draw or paint for toffee, it's a composite of different images - sorry should have said 'matte composite' and not 'matte painting'. The Castle and foreground, the knight, the panorama at the back and the sky. At the moment I'm working on making sure that the perspective and the lighting work properly along with improving my cut out abilities.

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    Again, I'm reminded of all those beautiful matte paintings from Star Trek TOS.
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    This is nothing to sneeze at! I like it! I think the only thing really in need of fixing in the painting is the bright blue: it is so discordant with the rest of the color scheme, which could be a point of interest, but it's too bright for the environment; in this atmosphere, realistically speaking, there would be red/yellow highlights & shadows over that blue, so it would not seem so bright. Something to play with?

    Great job! Did you have fun making it?
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    Thanks Rob/jaerdaph/Don! It was really good fun to make but utterly frustrating at times trying to get my head around why an image I'd dropped in just didn't 'fit' and what I had to do to make it fit. I tried to do a city in the background but it just looked too much like it had been stuck on.

    Nevertheless it was a great learning process. What I found myself using a lot of was:

    different selection cut out techniques
    clone stamping
    masses of colour manipulation
    The eraser
    smudge, dodge and burn tools
    brush painting (not much but a bit)

    I wasn't very organised in my approach which meant going back and doing a lot of stuff, but that's all part of learning. There was a lot of trial and error in doing this. It does require a lot of patience which I'm going to have to learn. Impatience is my worst enemy.

    It's very satisfying to produce something that looks a bit like a painting without having the first idea how to draw!

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    Sorry to jack your thread but I did something similar the other day:

    It's a dragon made out of an iguana and a vampire bat.

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    jaerdaph beat me to it. That could have been a Rigellian castle for Star Trek TOS. I miss that show. Y'all ROCK, mate.

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