First of all this is my first post so I am new here. I came across this site accediently while looking for a map for a graphic novel project I am currently working on, and found this type of art work interesting and sort of got hooked on trying it. (mainly to distract me from my other project.)

I mainly work with 3d programs and photoshop (my shamless plug Its also a great site that maybe other don't know about on here yet and I know all the works here are welcome and its a free site. Anyways on to my question.

I found this tut in the the forums.

and its a video tut so that is a plus for me but it seems the resources to work with the tutorial are missing I found a zip download that had the styles and tool template, but no brushes or psd files. Are they gone or is there some where I can get them so I can follow along?

Any help would be appreciated