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    I'm Guy Hoyle, and I stated gaming with the White Box version of D&D in 1976. Since then I've played 1st edition AD&D, RuneQuest (the Chasosium and Avalon Hill versions), Champions (3rd and 4th edition), and Risus. I have also collected a lot of games that I have never played.

    I have tried several mapping programs, including Campaign Catographer, Fractal Mapper, and Hexographer, but have never really gotten too far into them. I really like coming up with wold maps, but I never have been satisfied with my results. I'm looking for some new inspiration and new techniques here.

    Glad to meet you,

    Guy hoyle

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Lots of great tutorials available (depending on the program you're using), check them out and give them a whirl
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    Welcome to the Guild


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    Welcome to the Guild!
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