After signing up in 2009 I've finally got round to posting something (having kids makes the years speed by!)

I have no art or imaging experience or background (other than occasional basic image editing with Paintshop) but have always been interested in maps, especially fictional ones.
I once did a show-and-tell type school report about a map from the fighting fantasy books (the whole of Allansia I think) which probably betrays my age, early-onset nerdery, and why I didn't have a girlfriend until embarrisingly late.

I used to like drawing maps when younger, but alas none survive now. Possibly not helped by my tendency to dip them in cold tea for that "aged" effect.

I'd like to get more into using art software and mapping programs but marriage, kids, work and DIY (oh god the endless DIY) makes dedicating time to learning tricky. I think it will go onto the largely hypothetical "list of things to do at lunch break".

I'll try to work on something though and post bits, even if only pen drawings and doodles.

Um, I'll stop waffling now.