I am new to the site!

My name is Jason, I am an aspiring author, and have been developing a world - specifically, one that is medieval/fantasy themed for my works. My first work, tentatively entitled "The Grey Totem" has been started, though I am not very far in, as I'm trying to develop said world. Part of that includes making the map for the world. My own cartography skills are... pretty much absent. I try and I try to use the Profantasy software, but I'll be honest. A five year old could probably do better then me. I'm still trying though, though I will admit, I'm looking for someone who might be interested in helping with the map creation - whether it be a commision, or whether they want to help with world building as well in general. (Sidenote: My goal is for my world to be big and open enough for anyone to write a story within said world)

Anyway, looking forward to seeing folks' work, and definitely gonna put in a request or two!