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Thread: World Map for the World of Arnhaal

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    Default World Map for the World of Arnhaal

    I'm new here, as I posted on the member introduction forum!

    I would love to offer payment for anyone who is willing to do this, unfortunately, it just isn't possible while being a full time student and only a part time employee, but, I am willing to set aside a few bucks at a time for a full on commission price later down the road.

    This is just going to be a basic sketch. Originally, I was going for a full blown map, but, I'm not gonna ask for someone to devote that much time if I can't offer payment. I just want a decent looking sketch of the world, that offers basic info/details. Where mountain ranges are, kingdom/empire/tribal locations and so on.

    Tentatively though, this is probably unpaid, though I listed it as "other" because I really don't want it to be, it's just the inability to pay at the moment.

    Anyway, into the nitty gritty of the details.


    As far as style goes, I'd love it to be more or less in the kind of art style as a Jon Robert's type of work - very earthen/realistic colors, where the greens and browns look natural, and the roads/rivers blend in, and don't stick out like a sore thumb.
    This just needs to be a basic sketch though of the map, as I realize doing anything more definitely warrants a commission that I can't offer at the moment.


    The tricky thing is, I am horrible at making the world map. I try and I try, and I'm never satisfied, because I know my skills are bad at this. I know where I'd love things to go, and I have the base lore down, so anyone willing to assist would be able to get most of the info that way, it's a matter of filling in the blanks, and putting it all down. It'd probably be a bit too much of an information dump to put it all here, but I will give some base descriptions:

    - North East is the home of a bunch of city states (on the western part of the north east) and a single mercenary city state (on the eastern part)
    - South of that area is the big Empire known as the Broans
    - In the middle are the Barbarian Mountains, which curve over into a chain on the north west - below them are the icy tundra and the Northern Kingdoms
    - Below the Northern Kingdoms are the Kogan Wastes, a nasty swamp land full of reptilian beasts
    - East of the Wastes opens up into the vast grasslands of Arrus, one of the largest Kingdoms, that stretches all the way to the eastern coast
    - Situated slightly north of Arrus is Silverford, a smaller kingdom
    - South of all that is the El-Shahadii desert, and more expansion of the Arrus Kingdom

    Those are some base details, and there are plenty more in a big word document.


    Right now this just needs to be a basic sketch of the world map, with locations noted on the map.

    Size right now just needs to be a computer copy, but being printable is definitely a bonus.


    I would love the full on access of this map, but, assuming I were to ever be successful in my undertaking, anyone who assists me in world building, in map building, etc. would get credit/compensation/etc.


    I would welcome assistance, this is a rather large project, and I hope someone might be interested
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    I will probably try to do this myself in the meantime, after some advice from someone >.> It just may take me quite some time.

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    Since you're using CC3, there is an annual which is based on Jon Roberts I believe. You may want to play around with it and see how it goes.

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