Continued from Town mapping with Gimp? I have decided to embark on this little project myself. It's unlikely I'll finish it in time to use it, but on never knows.

  • There's a coastline to the north
  • The river runs primarily north to south, but it does wander near the coast, where this map is set.
  • There's a fortified keep/castle atop cliffs next to the river. Means I'll have to do a hill that has cliffs adjacent to the river.
  • The town is at the base of the hill next to the river.
  • The outlying parts of the town are undergoing rapid fortification to enclose over 1,000 residents, leaving only some small farmsteads exposed.
  • This fortification incidentally increases the Keep's protection.
  • There is a bridge over the river.
  • The river is approx 100' wide at this point.
  • The new town walls/palisade will enclose an area approx 450' x 450'

At the moment I'm primarily working on the surrounding landscape and the river. I'll have something in the next few days.

Any and all constructive commentary and thoughts are not only welcome, but solicited!