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Thread: [CC3] Arnhaal WIP, As well as Lore/Background Info

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    Default [CC3] Arnhaal WIP, As well as Lore/Background Info

    Here's a very very very very bare bones basic black and white image of my world. It's horribly barren, because I am not ready for color yet I don't think. (seriously, I mess up the mountains big time)

    Anyway, here's some very basic info. The only label I have right now are the human kingdoms/nations. So I'll run down those first.

    Kingdom of Arrus - Probably the most "typical" feudal/medieval society. King, Barons, commoner-noble hierarchy. As of the story being written, slavery is outlawed, though the current King Thorgiin III is more or less breaking that rule by enslaving the Kashir race.

    Silverford - Feudal kingdom with a noble house hierarchy. Each of the major noble families has a specific "place" in line to hold the crown. Current King is Blair Callinwood II, next noble house is the Torland, then Nolus, followed by Demir, Stone, Greenfall, and Ashford. A few medieval Irish traits. They also have a "slave" system not like most countries. Slaves can easily work their way out of their servitude unless criminals.

    Broan Empire - The big powerful empire. Not as big as it used to be, the current Emperor is corrupt, and has a private mercenary army, the "Cambiare," who enforce the lawless city of Crestwind. The capitol is Goldenpoint, a spired city. Women are inferior in the empire, slaves are treated poorly.

    Talonian City States - Seven individual city states that form a loose alliance/union if one of the bigger countries threatens them. Otherwise, they act independently of each other, and have their own separate laws. The largest and oldest of these city states is Talonia, hence its namesake.

    Taelnoth - A mercenary and independent city state. They produce the strongest mercenary army in Arnhaal. Most countries court Taelnoth to get their hands on mercs.

    Northern Kingdoms - Think Norse barbarians. Still need fleshing out. There's three main kingdoms, each is slightly different.

    El-Shahadii - Desert dwelling people. Very decadent. Women are considered "things," and unmarried women are subject to any command a man gives her. Run by merchant kings, and ruled by powerful cultists.

    Those are the human kingdoms. here are some of the races BESIDES human.

    Guurhan - A tribal people. They are bound by the Grey Totem, and five tribal totems. These totems allow them to shapeshift into a creature that the totem is linked to. The five animals are the bear, the tiger, the wolf, the hawk, and the dolphin. There are variations of these animals based in clans. They are the elder race and the main "protagonist faction" in the novel in progress, "The Grey Totem." Outside of their "totem form" the Guurhan look like any human.

    Shiz'Roth - A tribal lizard people. They live in the Kogan Wastes, a namesake earned when they not only defeated, but they slaughtered a 10,000 man army that came to drive them from their swamps. Presently, they are not hostile, and merely wish to be left alone. The Shiz'Roth have a violent lifestyle, but if one befriends one of these scaled people, they have a friend for life.

    Kashir - A feline race. Rumored to be a splinter tribe of Guurhan, they have lost any sort of pure human form, instead permanently in a cross between their feline and human shape. Very tribal, very primitive. Currently being enslaved by Thorgiin III of Arrus. There are many tribes, each representing a different aspect of the great cats. The Lion tribes have been nearly hunted to extinction due to their aggressive nature. There are no tiger tribes, which is the reason for the rumor about them being a splinter tribe of Guurhan.

    Eluvarii - A mysterious people, they are humanoid, but slightly taller, much more lithe. They gravitate towards nature, and are said to wield the powers of the earth as a man might wield a blade. They are known as the "chosen few," as any member of this race wields considerable power. Once they held a great city known as Sanctum, but they were driven out by the Talonian City States over a bloody conflict. They became nearly hunted to extinction after a great Eluvarii war hero set the great city ablaze in a trap, with an entire army inside. The chosen few have been missing for many years.

    Shiz'Rokhan - A dragonbased race. They are dragonmen, and they live primarily on another continent, where they lord over many human kingdoms, as well as many other Shiz'Roth tribes. They are not seen in the 10th Prophecy (the general title for anything in my world) stories because of their primary location.

    The Narkul - Corrupt Guurhan. It is said that they were corrupted by an ancient relic containing the soul of a demon. The Narkul have no color, and are completely pitch black, thus blending in with shadow. Fire is the only thing that hurts them, and thus the only effective way to slay them is to light one's weapon ablaze. They were banished long ago.

    A minor note...

    The Guurhan are the only other race that really is due to get map notes because the Kashir are nomadic, the Shiz'Roth have no actual settlements, the dragon guys are on another land, and the Eluvarii are still technically hidden. Their primary settlements are on the eastern side of the mountain range, pretty much up against it as you might notice the small hut villages.

    Anyway, that's what I have so far to share!
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