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    Wip GIMP Random Mapping

    This is a map that I used GIMP exclusively for. The terrain and coastine were randomly generated as was the placement of the countries. I slapped the rest of it on in about two hours, and added a couple extras to make it look professional. There was a little effort involved in naming things.. I tried to make it as linguistically and regionally accurate as possible, but if you notice something that doesn't make sense in that context, I would appreciate a heads up. I would also appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks guys

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    Looks nice, man, but I'd like to see it bigger. The land shapes look convincing and the colors are easy on the eyes. Fonts look decent as well.
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    I'm with Ascension.
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    Looks good. I agree with Ascension on the colors and the fonts. Nice job .
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    I really like how natural the landmasses feel and how it gives a sense of being really big without actually needing to be or without being overwhelming or crowded.

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    I agree with you guys. Its way too small. I thought the same thing when I was putting on the text. It will involve more work but I think I can do this. I want to use this map for my new campaign setting and detail is always a good thing.

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